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The Humanity Against Disease Wiki, Aureus III

This is the third incarnation of Aureus, meant as a personal wiki for the author and also a common place for organizing information pertaining to Humanity Against Disease and other projects as needed.

The information provided is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. Please consult with a health professional before starting any medication or making any lifestyle change for health.

Humanity Against Disease Manifesto

Humanity Against Disease Projects

Podcast Against Disease Portal

Although the blog and main page will be updated with any significant news, information on projects can be stored here.


This section aspires to be a portal for resources on optimizing your own health and the health of those around you with an eye to what is supported by scientific evidence.


This is more informal, an organizer to discuss medicines that's meant to be more brief than the comprehensive sources out there such as Medscape and Uptodate. Use at your own risk, not meant to be a substitute for medical consultation.


This is a repository of papers reviewed for various projects. Not really set up for public consumption but if you find it interesting then enjoy.

Interesting Papers to Read (Links)


Because we aim to be completely transparent, we're going to let you know exactly where any money we handle goes.

Links and Resources

Mediawiki Stuff

These are the general mediawiki references about how to edit and format the wiki