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We hope to grow in an organic, grassroots fashion to cover as much territory as we can and work with communities everywhere. If you're interested, please get in touch with us.

Baltimore, MD

Past Events

  • April 7th Board Game Event Against Disease
  • May 12th Board Game Event Against Disease

Upcoming Events

  • Planning Board Game fundraisers and community outreach events

Tai Chi Workshop

Lansing, MI

  • Planning Concert fundraisers and community outreach events

Fundraiser Projects

Planned projects at the moment include concert fundraisers, and tabletop gaming fundraisers.

Update: We're in talks with Canton Games in an attempt to organize our first tabletop gaming event!

Update 1/3/2018: Several bands have expressed interest in a fundraiser compilation album. We're aiming for a summer release, details to follow.

Update 3/28/2018: Tabletop gaming project is on for April 7th, 2018!

Have an idea for a fundraising project? Let us know!

Research Projects

Down the road, we hope to use our fundraising efforts to crowdfund biomedical research to answer the questions that the public cares most about.

Outreach Projects

Need some medical or science professionals to speak to a group about something? We may be able to help!

Blog Post Ideas

Careers Against Disease