Humanity Against Disease Manifesto

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Humanity Against Disease aims to improve the connection between society and the effort against disease.

Mission: Empower every interested person to join the effort for a healthier world.

Health is perhaps the most fundamental possession a person can have. Unfortunately, there's no justice in the way that diseases and disabilities are distributed in society. We may never be able to make a perfectly fair world for all, but we can try to make it better each day.

  • Research
    • Research funding is in a sad state. Qualified scientists struggle to find work and move their careers forward because the government grants that universities and foundations used to rely on are drying up. Private foundations are stepping up to help, and it's our belief that people are willing to pay to see progress made. We aim to help that process along.

Phase 1: There are good foundations out there already, and we hope to reach out into the communities to raise money and direct it to the charities that are using their money wisely and are researching the diseases that matter to you, the people who want to see good science done.

Phase 2: Our long term goal is to directly fund scientists with the understanding that they will be accountable to their communities. They propose the work, we help translate things into less technical language for educated/curious people outside of science, and we answer questions for you. Then, when funds are given to a lab or foundation that you like, they'd be expected to blog/tweet/broadcast to keep the community in the loop.

In this way, we hope to take research out of the mysterious "ivory tower" and make it something that we're all working on together.

  • Community Outreach
    • We want to improve access to medical and research knowledge. Where people want to know more, we want to be there. Ultimately we hope to make speakers available to improve health literacy. Want to know more about managing diabetes? Want to know how to recognize depression? Want to know how to eat healthy or quit smoking? We want to be there.
  • Education
    • In addition to helping academics and community partners communicate, we want to provide resources online to help people live healthy lives and get the truth about health topics. In a world full of dishonest news and people trying to sell you something, we want to give people the best information we can, based in sound research and kept up to date to the best of our ability.