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At the moment we are decidedly in the red, that's ok though.


December 2017

  • Webspace - Paid out of pocket: $78 for a year
  • Merch Wholesale - Paid out of pocket, estimating $400
  • Podcasting Equipment - Paid out of pocket, $90

For clarity: Anything marked as "paid out of pocket" has been personally paid for by one of the organizers of Humanity Against Disease. They will not be reimbursing their personal assets from the shared fund for these expenses.


We have no income yet.

At the moment we plan to hold merch income for the following purposes. Any proceeds from the board game night will be going 100% to existing charities.

Update 3/15/18 - I've investigated with Baltimore Community Foundation and it looks like starting an official fund with them will require $10,000 minimum. This is a daunting sum but not an insurmountable one.

  • 501c3 organizing fees
  • Webspace fees next year
  • more wholesale merch when we run out
  • Starting the Direct HAD research fund