Board Game Event Against Disease and Updates!

So with the gracious help of Canton Games, we are preparing for the first ever Board Game Event Against Disease. On April 7th, head over to Canton Games to stock up on all manner of worldly goods (they have board games, card games, used video games, and some related merch), where they will be dedicating a percentage of proceeds to one of our supported charities (you vote on your favorite.)

Later on, bring your sweet new games to the Knott conference center at Johns Hopkins Bayview (Red Awning Entrance, across from the MEC) for a night of gaming and fundraising. We’ll have details and advertising materials available soon, thank you all for your help in making this project a reality.

In logistical updates, I’ve found that the most straightforward path to our own community-integrated grantmaking will probably be starting a fund with the Baltimore Community Foundation. They require a minimum starting fund of $10,000, so everybody knows the score. It’ll take us some time to get there, but I believe we can make it happen.

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