Humanity Against Disease

Welcome to Humanity Against Disease. We aim to give everyone the tools to engage with the effort against disease by supporting personal health maintenance, collective research, and community outreach efforts.


The Big(?) Launch

This marks our initial push to do some good. We’re in talks to run some events in  2018 and will be letting everyone know as soon as there are some more details. Hope for tabletop gaming and concert events, and we’re always open to other ideas.

About the Humanity Against Disease Team

The Brothers Weston

Cody is a psychiatry intern trying (with limited success) to remain well rounded and human, hoping to connect biomedical science and health to communities.

Jacob is a musician, graphic designer, and family man seeking to utilize his abilities for the greater good.

Interested in Getting Involved with HAD? Let us know! We intend to involve as many people in as many places as we can. 


This is where we will shout out to all affiliated organizations (nonprofits and community partners)