About the Humanity Against Disease Team

Cody Weston – Podcast Host, Psychiatry Resident, Content Researcher, and Founder.

Contact: CodyLWeston@gmail.com

Jacob Weston – Event Coordinator, graphic designer, marketing, public relations, and Co-Founder.

Contact: JacobWeston@gmail.com

Kavita Chapla – Baltimore Node Co-Founder, Podcast Host, Content Researcher, Resident internal medicine doctor

Contact: KChapla1@JHMI.edu

Natalie Photiadis – Baltimore Node Co-Founder, Podcast Correspondent, Content Researcher

Dan Jones – Tai Chi Instructor, Nutrition, Wellness, and Exercise consultant.

Contact: DJonesDragon@gmail.com

Interested in Getting Involved with HAD? Let us know! Contact one of the above individually or email general questions to AgainstDisease@gmail.com

We intend to involve as many people in as many places as we can.